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Tony Tobin, English writer and editor

Stay healthy - use phone, email, WhatsApp, Viber, Zoom, etc.

 In this era of the coronavirus, we offer a "hands-free" / "no contact" service, in which we liaise with clients over the phone or by messaging service.

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We are a team of English-speaking professionals based in Hong Kong.   

Even the largest companies in Asia sometimes get their written English horribly wrong. 

Let our native English-speaking professional editors assist you with …

Creative English writing





  Founder and managing editor is Anthony Tobin, a former journalist. The British-born Australian citizen studied journalism at Cardiff University before migrating to Australia, where he worked on newspapers in Western Australia, Tasmania, Queensland and New South Wales. In addition to his native UK and Australia, he has also lived and worked as a writer/editor in Iran, the Netherlands, Hong Kong, the Philippines and Singapore. 


All our editors are native English speakers. Many are British and former journalists. We only recruit editors that are native English speakers from UK, Australia, New Zealand, the US and Canada. All are professional writers and/or editors. Our objective is to have the highest standard of professional Editor available for our valued clients, for whom English is almost certainly a second language. But their business(es) is/are aimed at the major English-speaking world, so the English writing needs to look and feel natural.